About Fèis Eige

Gaelic traditional music tuition on the beautiful Isle of Eigg

Fèis Eige is part of Feisean nan Gaidheal, the association of tuition festivals in the Highlands and Islands, “Fèis” (pronounced “feysh”) being the Gaelic word for festival.

It is a festival of traditional music and culture which takes place every year in July. A family orientated event, aiming at youngsters (8 to 18) primarily, but also offering adults and younger children under 8’s a chance to participate.

The Feis offers intensive tuition in small groups with experienced tutors in instruments such as – button key accordion, fiddle, tin-whistle, guitar, percussion and ceilidh dancing. Please look at the Fèis Programme page for a full list of what is available this year.

Starting on the Wednesday afternoon, we offer two and a half days tuition including art and Gaelic activities, ending with a ceilidh (dance) on the Friday evening.

Previous knowledge is not essential: beginners have a chance to try the instruments of their choice whilst those already learning benefit from expert guidance from tutors who number some of the best known traditional musicians in the Highlands, such as Angus Binnie, Kenneth Knowles, Sarah Jayne Shankland and Gabe McVarish to name but a few of the tutors who have taught on Eigg!

Through the Fèis we aim to encourage young people to take an active part in enjoying the music, song & dance of the Highlands.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us on feiseige@isleofeigg.net


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